Drop the Charges on the Uhuru 3

"We are known as the Uhuru 3. In yet another political attack by the U.S. government against the African Liberation Movement, African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Chairman Omali Yeshitela and two members of the Party’s Solidarity Front are currently under federal indictment and facing 15 years in prison on the basis of our constitutionally protected speech advocating for freedom, reparations and justice for African people. A trial date is set for September 3, 2024 in the federal court in Tampa, FL." Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee. READ MORE HERE.

Reparations to The Black Power Blueprint

Uhuru Solidarity Movement raises reparations for the Black Power Blueprint, the anti-colonial program building political and economic power in the hands of the African working class in North St. Louis.

Reparations Legacy Project

Under the slogan, “Repair the damage. Return the stolen wealth. Fund Black Liberation”, the Reparations Legacy Project calls on white individuals, organizations and businesses invested in social change to support Black community-led economic development and self-determination programs.