Birthdays for Reparations

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Reparations to African People

Turn your birthday into an act of reparations to African People

Make your birthday meaningful by asking your friends and family to donating it to the Black Power Blueprint program of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund. Ask your friends and family to donate to this incredible African economic self-empowerment program in honor of your birthday!

When you join the campaign of Birthdays for Reparations, you are transforming your birthday into a collective celebration of hope for all of humanity. The Black Power Blueprint is led by the African working class community in North St. Louis, struggling for self-determination and power over their own lives and resources. This project represents hope and a positive future for the north side of St. Louis and for African, oppressed and colonized peoples everywhere.

How to Donate your Birthday

Click here to get started with a Facebook fundraiser. Although you can get started anytime, we recommend you start two weeks from your birthday. Below are three easy steps to create and customize your Birthday Fundraiser.

  1. Select APEDF. After clicking the link above, use the search functionality and select APEDF.

  2. Edit Details. Set your fundraising goal and timeline, and share why you support APEDF!

  3. Invite Friends. Invite your friends to celebrate with you. The more the better!