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November 29th, 2022

Fourth Annual Reparations Telethon


Join the Reparations Legacy Project this Giving Tuesday for the fourth annual 24-Hour Reparations Telethon featuring leaders, members, volunteers and culture, friends and supporters of the worldwide Uhuru Movement! The Telethon will be live on air starting Tuesday November 29th at 7AM Central until Wednesday November 30th 7AM Central.

This year, the Reparations Legacy Project, a campaign of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement under the leadership of the African People's Socialist Party, will be collaborating with Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles and the African People's Education & Defense Fund (APEDF) to build support for the Black Power Blueprint's latest project: Uhuru Wa Kulea (Freedom to Nurture) African Women's Health Center in St. Louis, MO. This year, we will be raising the rest of the funds needed to build this health center in North St. Louis which will be the home of the already-in-progress African Doula Project.

Everyday, African women and babies face dire health disparities due to a colonial system that thrives on the exploitation and oppression of Black people. The Black Power Blueprint is changing these condition by building institutions that not only address the needs of the community, but are building political and economic power in the hands of the Black working class.

The Telethon is an exhilarating, moving, powerful and celebratory event that will inspire you to get involved in the Uhuru Movement and pay reparations!

Register at and tune in on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter!