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The Call to Build Days of Reparations to African People 2023: No to FBI War on Black Liberation

No to FBI War on Black Liberation! Join the Days of Reparations to African People Campaign 2023 

A powerful movement is rising to stop the U.S. government’s desperate efforts to imprison Chairman Omali Yeshitela for fighting for the liberation of Africa and African people! 

This is a call to white people to join in solidarity with the growing movement, under the leadership of the African and colonized peoples of the world, to demand, “Hands Off Chairman Omali Yeshitela! Hands off, Uhuru!”

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s international campaign for “Days of Reparations to African People” to mobilize white people across the U.S. and the world to stand in solidarity with the African Revolution.

On July 29 of last year the FBI executed violent, military-style, pre-dawn raids on seven homes and offices of the Uhuru Movement, including the home of its founder and leader, Chairman Omali Yeshitela. 

Nine months later in April 2023 the U.S. government indicted the Chairman -- who has fought for more than 50 years to make reparations a global household word -- on bogus charges of being a “Russian agent.” 

Uhuru Solidarity leaders Penny Hess and Jesse Nevel, two white organizers under the leadership of the APSP, were also indicted. Known as the “Uhuru 3”, they face up to fifteen years in prison.

Voices around the world are speaking out to demand that the U.S. government drop the charges against the Uhuru 3, with organizations and individuals across the political and ideological spectrum denouncing this vicious attack on free speech rights.

In a precedent-setting motion to dismiss the charges, Uhuru 3 attorney Leonard Goodman described the indictment as “a prosecution that strikes to the heart of the First Amendment.” 

This will not be a repeat of the 1960s; the African Revolution will win

Join this campaign to defy the U.S. government’s attempt to once again destroy the Black Revolution as they did in the 1960s, when the FBI waged a reign of terror and murder against the leaders and organizations of the Black Power movement, with a notorious, brutal counterinsurgency program known as COINTELPRO. 

In the 1960s there was no organizational vehicle through which white people could stand in principled solidarity with the African liberation struggle. With the creation of the solidarity movement, the APSP has opened the door for white people to unite with the Black Liberation Movement in a principled way, by taking responsibility for our historic complicity and participation in colonialism, slavery, and terror against African people and recognizing that our true, long-term interests as human beings are in solidarity with African people, not at their expense. 

It is a matter of historical record that during the hundred years of lynchings in this country in which thousands of African people were brutally murdered by white mobs in broad daylight, no white person was ever indicted by the U.S. government for participation in these murders. But now, for the first time in history, Chairman Omali Yeshitela has organized white people to join under the leadership of the African Liberation Movement, and the U.S. government indicts two Uhuru Solidarity leaders as part of the Uhuru 3! 

It reveals that the U.S. government would prefer for white people to act as their lynch mobs than to break ranks from the white colonial state and stand with the oppressed peoples of the world in the fight for reparations. 

That is why the Day of Reparations to African People Campaign is our act of resistance. We refuse to be the lynch mob. We refuse to be complicit or silent any longer. Chairman Omali Yeshitela has forever broken the unity of the white population with our own government. 

The warmongering politicians, greedy CEOs and bankers cannot count on us to have their backs when the oppressed peoples of the world struggle to take back what is rightfully theirs. 

Unity through reparations to African people is our responsibility and our opportunity to participate in real class struggle against the system of exploiters and exploited. 

How to join the reparations fight-back

Take action to make reparations a reality by contributing to the Days of Reparations fundraising pledge of $30,000 for Black Star Industries, the APSP’s economic initiative to build the foundation of a liberated, anti-colonial, African workers-controlled economy. 

Refuse to let the U.S. government succeed in depriving these vital programs of resources by forcing all funds to go towards legal expenses. Not one cent will be diverted from the reparations programs of the Uhuru Movement that are transforming the conditions faced by African people.  

The African Revolution is the world revolution, the revolution that will free all of humanity.

When Africa and African people are free, the world will be free. This is the true hope for a future without oppression where no one profits at the expense of another. 

In the historic undertaking of constructing this new world, the African Revolution has given white people a clear assignment: White solidarity with Black Power. Build the Days of Reparations to African People!  

Unity through Reparations! 

Hands off Chairman Omali Yeshitela!  

Drop the charges against the Uhuru 3!