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Rally for Reparations at the Gateway Arch

On March 18th, Friday at 12pm, St. Louis residents who stand for justice for the Black community will gather for the Rally for Reparations at the Gateway Arch. The rally will commence at the Gateway Arch National Park at 11 N 4th St. across the street from the Old Courthouse. 

The Reparations Rally is organized by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, white people and other allies of African Liberation working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.  

As stated by the Rally organizers, “Reparations are owed for centuries of ongoing oppression and exploitation that built the U.S. and global colonial-capitalist economy.”

Slogans for the rally include: “Reparations now! End the Delmar Divide! No more genocide in our name!” 

Rally organizers have stated that the Arch was chosen as the location of the rally because it is a “symbol for the colonial genocide and theft of land from the Indigenous people and brutal enslavement and oppression of African people. The monument itself was constructed through the demolition of a once-thriving Black community.” 

The Rally for Reparations is the kick-off event for the USM National Convention, a virtual conference titled “Unity through Reparations! Reparations through Organization!” 

Registration for the Reparations Rally is open at

Endorsing organizations include the Green Party of St. Louis and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.