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On the myth of "white genocide" in South Africa

by Penny Hess

Below is a response from Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, to a letter sent to APSC by a white man living in Occupied Azania (South Africa) who characterized the African Liberation struggle as a movement to commit genocide against white people. The full text of the original letter is printed below Chairwoman Hess’s response.

Greetings, Mr. Meyntjes.

I agree with you that there is a war going on in South Africa or Occupied Azania. Under the ANC government African people are in a worse condition than ever before with only about 16% of the land in the hands of the African majority and millions of Africans stuffed in hideous shanty towns attempting to survive on less than a dollar a day. The corruption that you speak of on the part of the ANC exists for only one reason:  the US and Britain back these thugs as good servants of the corporate, mineral and overall U.S. and European imperialist interests in South Africa.

African people are fighting for control of their land, resources and self-determination after more than 400 years of colonial enslavement, rape, genocide and terror by white settler colonialism carried out both by the Boers and the British who stole African people’s labor, land and every possible resource for the benefit of the white world.

Look at your history. It wasn’t the Africans who put you in concentration camps, starved your children, took your farms, waged war against you and killed tens of thousands of you. It was the British. Despite this you have united with the British to keep the stolen land as oppressors at the expense of the suffering of millions of Africans who are the rightful owners of the land.

The African Revolution is growing stronger every day. The revolution is not just in Azania but throughout the entire continent and among African people dispersed through the slave trade around the world. The struggle is to unite and liberate Africa and all her resources as the birthright of African people everywhere.

The simple truth is that a handful of white settlers will never survive against the inexorable trend of history as hundreds of millions of African people around the continent and the world rise up for justice, reparations and African national liberation. There are 1.5 billion African people in the world and I assure you they are coming for what is theirs

It is in your best and truest interest to stand in solidarity with this movement for African Liberation. Or for your own safety get out of the way. You won’t be able to stop it.

We urge you to stand for justice against the US, British and European imperialism which is responsible for the murder, genocide, terror and suffering of the majority of the people on the planet. Imperialism is in crisis and the days of white power are coming to an end. Resistance and struggle on the part of impoverished and working African people is raging from Cairo to Cape Town. No one can stem this tide of the future.

As white people our only future is on the side of the oppressed, being organized to bring down a system built on slavery, genocide and colonial terror for the benefit of a few. Such a system is no longer viable.

We CAN be part of building a new world, though, joining in solidarity with this struggle which will enable all human beings to truly share this vast and beautiful earth, no one at the expense of anybody else.

Your greatest interest is to join the African People’s Solidarity Committee organized under the leadership of the African Socialist International and be part of humanity in standing on the forward side of history.


Penny Hess

Chair, African People’s Solidarity Committee

“African Resistance, White Solidarity” – the international plenary conference of the APSC – will be held in St. Petersburg, FL on January 6-78, 212. More info at

Full text of the original message sent by white man living in Occupied Azania (South Africa):


“This campaign is about transforming the consciousness in the white community, winning our friends, family and co-workers to take the pledge of solidarity with African people,” said USM Chair Midler

It sure is nice reading about Americans reaching out for African people in their “struggle” to rid themself from the “white” oppressors.

I only wish that your efforts be channeled in the right direction.

I was born in South Africa 56 years ago and still reside here.

In 1991, all voters cast their vote to end the apartheid regime and effectively hand over power to the ANC party.

Mandela was released and became the first Black President of South Africa (the Rainbow Nation), followed by Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.

SA was lauded for the new constitution that was implemented.

Our newly elected leaders traveled the World and were welcomed all over and the told ALL how wonderful it was living in SA and how happy the citizens were.

Since 1994, prominent leaders in the ANC-led government have been charged with corruption on a large scale, drug trafficking, murder, rape (Pres. Jacob Zuma), theft and other common crimes. We have had two Ministers of Police in three years and the other before that have all been convicted of crimes committed by them.

THAT picture is not painted to the World and if asked for reasons why they did it, the comment that it is ‘Apartheids” fault.

But that can all still be accepted. Or can it?

But the real CRIME that you are collecting money for, is to support the Genocide of the Remaining White People in SA.

Yesterday, Friday 4th October 2012,letters and DVD’s showing the TRUTH in SA (White Genocide) were delivered to 110 Embassy’s all over the World and to the United Nations.

The following article published un-edited by Singer and anti-Genocide Campainer: Sunette Bridges>>>

Shoot them, they are cowards! They rape! Shoot them, they are dogs! Shoot, shoot, shoot the Boer!” …JACOB ZUMA (Hate slogan by the current serving President of South Africa.

South Africa is at war! …and the World doesn’t want to know about it. In fact, there are still people LIVING in this Country that simply don’t want to know about it!

Crime is completely out of control and strikes by Mineworkers and the Transport industry is crippling our economy. Violence has become part of our lives! Farms, Power plants, cars, trucks, tires, homes, businesses and entire squatter camps have gone up in flames.

Pretty postcards depicting Table Mountain and Game Reserves no longer represent South Africa! In the shade of that very mountain lie Kayelitsha and Gugulethu and the Cape Flats, where not even the South African Defense Force is able to stop the bloodbath where innocent children get caught in the crossfire between gangs. As for the Game Reserves, well, there the Rhino pay for the complete and utter lawlessness that has gripped our beautiful country.

Miners go on strike and kill 11 people in a mad murdering spree, hacking people to death with machetes and burning them alive!  When the police end up shooting 34 of these strikers in self-defense the incident gets major international attention and suddenly the police are at fault!

…and somewhere, in the shadow of these events, White South Africans are burying their dead everyday. No one seems to notice or care… Those that can afford it, hide away behind 6-foot walls topped with electric fencing! We have alarms, burglar bars, armed response units, security guards, panic buttons and sirens; pepper spray, stun guns and the lucky ones have firearms! …and still we bury our dead, not because they were sick, but because they were MURDERED!

People are being brutally attacked, tortured, hacked, knifed, beaten, tied up and raped! Some survive the attacks but die a different kind of death… one that slowly kills the soul and murders the spirit. They loose their jobs, their pride, their belongings and some their will to live.

There are less than 4,5 million White People left in South Africa. The ones that can afford it, leave but not everybody can and some of us choose to stay simply because we cannot imagine leaving the country we love so much! More than 600 000 of our people are living in Squatter Camps! Perhaps we are hoping for a miracle… We sure are praying for one!

The year started of with our President singing, “Shoot the Boer, kill the Farmer!” …and “Bring me my machine gun!”

Our esteemed ministers respond to this mess by saying things like: “If they don’t like it, they can leave”! …or “Crime? What crime?”

…and still we bury our dead! EVERY DAY!

Here is an account of the last 5 months. YOU decide whether this ANC Government is in control or not!

Whilst writing this article, a 20-year-old girl was robbed and gang raped in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, by 3 black attackers!  …and, on the Smallholding, previously owned by the parents of well known actress Charlize Theron, an elderly White male was tortured and murdered by a gang of Black attackers. He was beaten, burnt with a clothes iron, his Achilles tendons severed and finally shot!

This is what we are faced with everyday! Please note that not all attacks are reported on by the media. I will, for the purpose of reference, stick to only those that were… All of these incidents were Black on White attacks! If you are aware of any other attacks during this period, please add the detail and links to newspaper articles as comments.