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A call to white people: Join the “Reparations Contingent” at the Black People’s March on the White House, Nov. 4

On Saturday, November 4, 2023 the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations will hold its 15th annual Black People’s March on the White House raising the demand, “Drop the Charges Against the Uhuru 3!” 

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls on every white person who believes in reparations and justice for African people to get to Washington DC by bus, plane or car and march in the “Reparations Contingent” at this history-making mobilization! 

Co-sponsored by the Hands Off Uhuru Fightback Coalition, the March is rapidly gaining momentum with a wide range of forces uniting under the leadership of the emerging anti-colonial free speech movement. 

Hundreds of organizations will converge in the belly of the beast of Washington DC, marching in lockstep against the U.S. government’s escalating assaults on free speech, dissent and resistance. 

Leaders and freedom fighters from the African, Indigenous, Cuban, Venezuelan, Mexican, Filipino and other anti-colonial struggles will speak out against the U.S. colonial state’s intensification of repression ushered in by the widely denounced federal indictments of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Penny Hess and Jesse Nevel on bogus “foreign agent” charges following the notorious FBI raids on the Uhuru Movement last July 29.

Not a repeat of the 1960s

It is critical for white people to come out in huge numbers to support the Black People’s March on the White House on November 4 to do what we failed to do in the 1960s: Stand in genuine solidarity with the African Liberation Movement and join the fight-back against repression.

When the U.S. government unleashed its full-spectrum war on the leaders of the Black Revolution in the 60s, white people abandoned the field of struggle and returned to our safe place on the pedestal within the colonial-capitalist establishment. As Chairman Omali Yeshitela has said, we “got haircuts, took a bath and got a job.” 

There was no organized, popular response from the white community to the assassinations, raids, mass arrests and political imprisonment of so many African leaders by the FBI and other police agencies. 

Instead, many white “peace” activists walked over the bodies of dead Black revolutionaries to protest the Vietnam War or form opportunistic social movements for white women’s liberation and white LGBTQ equality on the backs of the defeated Black Revolution.

African people declare, “Not one step backwards!” 

As the Chairman wrote in the call to build the Black People’s March, the U.S. government's attack on the Uhuru Movement is attempting to make use of “the oppressive playbook they successfully utilized in the 1960s with the notorious COINTELPRO campaign” which included in its objectives “splitting the progressives and revolutionaries, neutralizing the liberals and isolating the African Liberation Movement.”

This time, however, white people can “refuse to allow the black liberation movement to be isolated and, through inactivity, function objectively as colonial accomplices.” As the Chairman writes, “It won’t work today. In part, because of you!” 

The African People’s Socialist Party and Chairman Omali Yeshitela formed the African People’s Solidarity Committee in 1976 extending the African Revolution behind enemy lines into the white population as “black power in white face.”

This had never been done before.

Over the past forty-seven years the African People’s Solidarity Committee has worked under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to build the mass movement for white reparations to African people within the white colonizer population, including through its mass organization, Uhuru Solidarity Movement with members in over 140 cities.

Join the anti-colonial free speech movement

As the Chairman wrote in the Call to Nov 4: “The U.S. attack on the U.S. front of the African liberation movement has sparked an exponential resurgence of the anti-colonial movement. Ideological and political shackles that prevented united collaboration against our colonial oppressors are being shattered everywhere. The colonial issue is exploding globally.”

Colonized peoples are coming together to reverse the verdict of colonial domination which has fed and enriched white people on the foundation of stolen African lives, labor, land and resources for the past six centuries. 

The struggle against colonialism is the central question in the world.

As white people, colonizers who have benefited from the colonial mode of production for six hundred years, we cannot lead this struggle, but we have a role and a responsibility to organize under the leadership of the African working class, build white solidarity with Black Power and fight for reparations as a revolutionary, anti-colonial demand. 

Solidarity with Indigenous and all oppressed peoples around the world 

Reparations is a demand that recognizes that we sit on land stolen at gunpoint from the Indigenous people who are continuing to wage a heroic struggle for national liberation and repossession of their land and sovereignty. 

The Black People’s March will raise the demand for the release of Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier and will feature representatives from his defense committee and the Indigenous liberation movement. 

Solidarity with the Black People's March puts us in a stance of objective unity with the oppressed and toiling peoples of the world from Palestine to Venezuela to Haiti to Niger. 

The African Revolution is calling on us to get off the sidelines and seize the time. Don’t let this moment in history pass you by. Organize a group from your city to rent a van or bus and come to Washington DC. 

Unite with the Black is Back Coalition’s Demands for all charges to be dropped against the Uhuru 3 and all who have been targeted, indicted, and imprisoned or threatened with imprisonment by the colonial state! 

Free all political prisoners and prisoners of war! 

Demand an immediate end to the Biden regime’s continuous pumping of billions of dollars for bombs, guns and tanks for their proxy war in Ukraine and demand that those billions go towards paying reparations to African people!  Register for the Black People's March on the White House!

Unity through Reparations! Hands Off Uhuru! Drop the Charges on the Uhuru 3!