book banners etcBooks, banners, pamphlets, materials and supplies… Everything you’ll need to set up for successful tabling, outreach, and documentation!

Books, pamphlets, and other outreach materials are available @ (see below).  In addition to those materials here are items you can print to use in your outreach:  

The Basics: 

The Burning Spear Newspaper!   (Must have!)

New piece!  BSI on the Move! (Black Star Industries!)

USM Sign Up Sheet

Membership Brochure Side A 

Membership Brochure Side B

New! USM Solidarity Pledge Sheet 

Membership Form

Table Overview and Summation Form 

Africans Charge Genocide Petition 

Materials for DSAP 2017~ Days in Solidarity with African People:

DSAP 2017 Universal Graphic 

DSAP 2017 Banner

DSAP 2017 Poster

DSAP 2017 Club Card front

DSAP 2017 Club Card back

Note: the above images are sample images only, so please contact us at to request outreach materials for promoting our 2017 Days in Solidarity with African People speaking tour!

Mobilizing materials you’ll want to include:   

10 Reasons Why White People Owe Reparations to African People (brochure) 

Why White People Must Support Black Community Control of Police (brochure) 

NEW! to include in tabling outreach: 

Stop White Nationalism! Reparations to the Black Community Side A 

Stop White Nationalism! Reparations to the Black Community Side B 

Printable PDF of “My Journey from Anarchism to African Internationalism: White Solidarity with Black Power” by Comet Crowbar!  (The pages in this doc are 8.5×5.5 ~half sheets~ so if you print it on “booklet” setting, it will print like a zine).


The quintessential treasure trove of items to include in outreach would be the Distributor Kit, pictured below:


Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?  Not everyone is ready to start with the Distributor Kit, so listed below are links for some popular items:

Books ~(once at this link, the Distributor Kit is shown at the top, and the individual books available, such as An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism, by APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela, and Overturning the Culture of Violence, by APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess, are shown below, so be sure to scroll down once there for a complete list!

Pamphlets ~Educational pamphlets, such as Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s Why I Became a Revolutionary, and The Last Speeches of Huey P. Newton, are popular items on outreach tables!


We’ll be adding additional photos of outreach tables so that you will be expert in setting up an attention-grabbing, attractive display, for a variety of environments.

USM Members Halley and KC doing outreach in Boston!boston-outreach-kc-halley-banner-2


Winning reparations from the white community for African liberation!boston-organizers


Quotes from APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela create stunning banners for outreach!boston-outreach-colonialism-banner-4

Attention-grabbing banner says it all!boston-outreach-the-road-to-socialism-is-painted-black-5

Boston USM selling the Burning Spear Newspaper!KC and Halley selling Spears


Jackson in San Diego: lighting the way forward! 


Anne in Seattle: making it work! anne outreach table small with banner behind table


Outreach table set up by San Diego comrades!  USM members know how to do outreach! katie outreach table


In all kinds of weather! #ReparationsNow! Anne in Seattle: ann outreach 2 cropped


Johann in St. Pete, winning #Reparations! johann outreach person


Johann in St. Pete, Florida: USM Chair of National Outreach! johann outreach st pete