The seven stops on the tour are: Oakland, CA; St Petersburg, FL; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Seattle, WA; Gainesville, FL; and Huntsville, AL.

We encourage those who are unable to attend in person to organize a viewing party to watch one of the livestreams with friends and family.

To do local outreach for your own viewing party you may find the following materials useful:

Materials for DSAP 2017~ Days in Solidarity with African People:

DSAP 2017 Universal Graphic 

DSAP 2017 Banner

DSAP 2017 Poster

DSAP 2017 Club Card front

DSAP 2017 Club Card back

Note: the above images are sample images only, so please contact us at to request download-able outreach materials for building your own viewing party! 

Unity Through Reparations!

White Solidarity with Black Power!

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