Officers of the USM National Steering Committee agree to the general and special purposes of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement:

The general purpose of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement is to stand in genuine solidarity with the African Liberation Movement led by the African People’s Socialist Party USA. The anti-imperialist stance of the USM recognizes the historic role of Euro-Americans as an oppressor nation population and represents the principled actions that Euro- American people must take to support the right of Africans and all oppressed people to control their own resources, land and destiny. The special purposes of the USM are to support reparations to African people by winning support and raising material resources in Euro-American communities throughout the world for the African Liberation Movement led by the African People’s Socialist Party USA.

All officers of the National Steering Committee are required to attend the meetings of the National Steering Committee and prepare and deliver reports on their areas of work to that body as well as participate fully in the meetings and develop their political understanding and practical training. The officers of the NSC are responsible to develop and provide training on their areas of work to their subcommittees.

The National Steering Committee is comprised of:

Jesse Nevel (St. Petersburg, FL)

National Chair

The National Chair of the USM is a member of the USM and a representative of the African People’s Solidarity Committee appointed by the National Central Committee of the APSC. The NSC Chair serves at the will of the African People’s Solidarity Committee’s National Central Committee, subject to the approval of National Central Committee of the African People’s Socialist Party USA. Between meetings of the National Steering Committee, the National Chair shall have authority to exercise all of the powers of the USM.

To contact the National Chair please email:


Rhya Fogerty (St. Louis, MO)

Vice Chair of NSC

The Vice Chair of the NSC assists the National Chair, and is a vital resource to all members of the NSC.


Connor Voss (Brooklyn, NY) 

Interim International Recruitment and Membership Office (IRMO) Chair

The National Membership Chair keeps the work of the USM centered on the recruitment and development of the USM membership. He or she develops the membership campaign for USM, builds the National Membership Committee, calls for, leads and creates the agendas for the committee meetings. The National Membership Chair is responsible for ensuring that USM is following the membership collection procedure as it is mandated by the USM constitution. He or she will develop the membership and sustainable funding program of USM throughout the year.


Amanda Carlozzi (Boston, MA)

National Treasurer 

The National Treasurer develops and maintains the national budget of the USM. He or she maintains the financial records, makes timely deposits, records all expenses and reports to the National Steering Committee on the progress of the national budget. The National Treasurer is responsible to give leadership to all local treasurers through building and leading a subcommittee and gathering weekly reports showing the total expenses and income of the USM.


Halley Murray (Boston, MA)

Coordinator of Planet Uhuru and Art for Reparations



KC Mackey (St. Louis, MO)

Midwest Regional Coordinator

The Midwest Regional Coordinator is currently building USM in St. Louis, Missouri where the new Uhuru House will soon be complete.


Jackson Hollingsworth (St. Petersburg, FL)

Southeast Regional Coordinator,

Black Power Blueprint Spring Tour Coordinator 


Valerie Bronte (Honolulu, HI) 

Interim National Information & Education Chair 

The National Information & Education Chair is responsible for the ideological development of USM leadership, membership and our general base of supporters. He or she develops and implements programs to educate USM membership and the general white population in the ideology, principles, policies, history, and other relevant political, philosophical and ideological theories and practices specifically related to the African People’s Socialist Party USA, the African People’s Solidarity Committee and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. He or she develops and carries out a political education curriculum and coordinates all USM political communication including media, websites, radio shows, leaflets, Burning Spear articles and more.


Virginia Wilson (Jeffersonville, IN)

Interim Social Media Chair 



Interim National Secretary  

The National Secretary is the backbone of the organization and responsible for enforcing and following up on all resolutions and action items set by the National Steering Committee. The National Secretary works with the National Chair to create the agenda for National Steering Committee meetings. He or she takes the minutes in the meetings using the minutes template, sends out the minutes 24 hours after the meetings to all participants, follows up on deadlines for all action items in between meetings and calls for reports on action items for each National Steering Committee meeting. The National Secretary is responsible for the update and storage of all documentation of the USM including digital storage through databases.


National Political Action Committee Chair

The National Political Action Chair is responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic plan of political action for the USM, and is responsible for the coordination of all political actions including community meetings, press conferences, protests, forums, marches, demonstrations and other events. The National PAC Chair would lead the work of organizing national political actions, forwarding the campaigns of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement under the leadership of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) as led by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).  Planning actions to educate and mobilize the white public to stand in unity with African liberation and Black Power.  Consolidating a mass front of white people committed to the principles of USM, and materializing solidarity in the white community.


National Outreach Chair

The National Outreach Chair is responsible for developing a national outreach plan of action for USM, defining how USM will widely reach the white community and other allies of the African liberation movement. He or she builds and leads an outreach subcommittee and calls for and leads subcommittee meetings. The National Outreach Chair works closely with the National Information & Education Chair to develop all forms of outreach including leaflets, Burning Spear articles, media, radio shows, the USM website and blog and more. He or she coordinates the best use of various forms of outreach throughout USM, to meet the goals of the national outreach plan, which includes phonebanking, tabling, postering, emailing, texting, using social media, dropping, soap-boxing, doing door-to-door or 4-corners and more. He or she is also responsible to ensure the policies of securing contact information and following up with contacts is carried out by the USM.


Literature Distribution Coordinator

The USM Literature Distribution Coordinator is responsible for developing and carrying out a national strategy to distribute the books, pamphlets and other literature of Burning Spear Publications in the Euro-American community including the works of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Penny Hess and The Burning Spear Newspaper, through outreach tables, book signing events, book clubs and studies, and other tactics of distribution.


National Reparations and Economic Development Chair

The National Economic Development Chair is responsible for developing a plan of action for increasing USM’s ability to raise resources to support the work of the Uhuru Movement. He or she builds and leads a Reparations in Action subcommittee to lead in carrying out the plan of action, raising material and human resources from the white community and developing the unity and political understanding of the USM and the general white population with the demand for reparations to African people.


Interim International Organizer

The International Organizer is responsible for organizing political actions and events outside of the U.S. The International Organizer works closely with the International Recruitment and Membership Office (IRMO) to ensure all members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement can participate in building a culture of reparations all over the world.



Contact USM to join any of these subcommittees or if interested in filling any of the open positions!


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